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Ceanothus prostratus
squaw carpet

Habit: very low growing evergreen shrub, forming a dense, flat mat through rooting branches. Young bark is red-brown and hairy becoming gray and smooth with age. The oval shaped dark green leaves are glossy, thick and leathery, with sharply toothed edges. Feathery flowers are light to vivid blue, forming loose, terminal clusters. The small, clustered, scarlet fruit are round and 3-lobed each having a horn. Blooms late spring to early summer.

Ecology: found growing on open slopes and in coniferous forests such as ponderosa pine, and red fir, and chaparral at medium elevations from 2000-7800 ft (640-2400m).

Growing Conditions: Partial shade, coarse well-drained fairly dry soil, drought tolerant.

Fixes nitrogen and is good for erosion control.

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Container Availability
Evergreen Groundcover
2-17 in (5-45 cm)
2-10 ft (0.5-3 m)
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Map courtesy of USDA-NRCS Plants Database.