About Us

Sevenoaks Native Nursery was started in 1978 near Albany, Oregon by Ron and Barbara Cameron. The Cameron’s first bareroot nursery crop was aspen, and as the years passed they added a variety of other plants, many native to the Pacific Northwest. The Cameron’s also developed the raised sandbed system that Sevenoaks uses today.

In 1993 the Cameron’s sold Sevenoaks to Jon and Florence Anderson. In May 1998 the Andersons moved Sevenoaks to a 16-acre property, its present location, near Corvallis, Oregon. The Andersons expanded the nursery significantly by adding more native species and increasing containerized plant stock.

The current owners Mike Ridling and Scott Anderson (no relation to Jon and Florence Anderson), purchased Sevenoaks from the Anderson’s in January of 2006. Mike and Scott have continued to expand the number of native plants being grown at Sevenoaks to over 400 species, including many difficult to grow and hard to find native plants.


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