Oxalis oregana

Oregon oxalis

Habit: low growing clover like groundcover sprouting from underground rhizomes. The shamrock green leaves on 8 in (20cm) long stalks are compound, made up of three heart shaped leaflets connect to the petiole at the point and have purplish undersides. A single tubular flower, on equally long leafless stalks, are made up of 5 white to pinkish petals and brighter pink veins. Flowers bloom throughout the spring and late summer. Fruit is a small hairy, egg-shaped capsule that explodes, shooting seeds in many directions, when ripe.

Ecology: found from British Columbia to central California along the Pacific Coast, usually in moist shady evergreen forests at elevations from sea level to 3280 ft (1000 m).

Growing Conditions: partial to full shade in moist, nutrient rich soil, preferring acidic conditions.

Use it in woodland or shade gardens, Oregon oxalis can be very aggressive in ideal conditions

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Type: Herbaceous Perennial
Height: 2-6 in (5-15 cm)
Width: 2-6 in (5-15 cm)
USDA Zones: 7a-9b
Map courtesy of USDA-NRCS Plants Database.